Part Time v. Full Time May 21 2014, 0 Comments

One of the biggest challenges as a salon owner (and guest) is the nature of the biological clock--specifically the biological clock of the woman cutting your hair!  Not that men don't have biological clocks too, sorry gents, the physical realities of pregnancy is a Lady Thing.  We hope science catches up to this soon.  

Many successful stylists make changes in their work life due to pregnancy and parenthood.  This can wreck havoc on their guests with shortened schedules, maternity leave, and sometimes leaving the business to be a full-time parent!  On the flip side, re-entering the salon after time off can be a challenge as well, often guests have transferred to another stylist and prefer to stay put.  Ouch! 

What to do?  What to do?

In the nine years I've worked at Urbaca we haven't had part time staff.  Let's just say Urbaca's biological clock is ticking--it's time for something new!   

Family is definitely a priority--we support stylists' careers/the salon industry as a whole by keeping these talented technicians engaged and involved!  We're in the process of creating part time positions to accommodate the seasoned stylists who need a more flexible schedule with opportunity for medical benefits for themselves/their families.  We know parenting is a full time job, Urbaca can help lift the booth-renting burden of booking/marketing/ordering products yourself!

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