What Is Chakra Balancing? May 25 2014, 0 Comments

You don't have to be a physical empath like Sherry to do chakra energy balancing, it's the oldest form of medicine and anyone can do it!  What Sherry can teach is how to make adjustments to improve your energetic makeup, giving you tips/tools to keep your energy levels balanced and healthy!

Spa Chakra Balancing is included in Power, Deep Pore Cleanse + Hydrate facials and may be purchased a la carte or added to any Urbaca service, $37 for 40 minutes.  It includes custom aromatherapy.

May be used as an energetic supplement for:

  • fatigue/overwork
  • anxiety
  • sluggish, need to lose weight
  • grief
  • infertility 
  • creativity/growth