Fine Hair Solutions With *GUEST BLOGGER* Laci! September 20 2014, 0 Comments

Hey everyone! 

Guest blogger Laci here and I'm gonna talk to you about something I know all too well. Fine hair. You've got it. I've got it. It can be kind of a pain sometimes. 

So, you've done all the tricks to boost up those limp strands but nothing seems to be working. You cut that heavy length off, got layers, even blow dry your hair upside down every day. The only thing that can help you from here is products. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Yeah, I've tried everything under the sun. Nothing works the way I want it to." You're right, and this is why: there are so many different kinds of products for fine hair and everyone's is different. It takes a knowledgeable stylist, the correct cocktail of product and an easy routine of styling to make it all come to life. 

I've put together my three favorite style boosters from each line (there's more where that came from) and I'll explain why each of them are great. They range from first steps of creating a look to being able to feel product in your hair, and trust me, you're more than likely gonna have to if you want any volume, to not knowing its in there at all. Ready? Lets go!

For this awesome line I've chosen Hot Flex Spray, Volumizing Spray and Playable TextureHot Flex Spray is a heat protecting, memory keeping all around amazing good time. Fine hair has a tendency to be on the weaker side, especially when it comes to heat. Don't lie, girlfriend, I know you're using that blow dryer and curling iron to get some body in there. Try spraying Hot Flex Spray when your hair is towel dried to give you overall protection from your everyday routine. If you want extra boost and solid sure Blake Lively waves, spray this in on individual sections right before you use your iron, it'll give you that added memory you need for it to last all day at work and then over martinis at happy hour. And as we always do, save the best for last. Say you don't want to wash your hair one morning (and lets be honest, who does that every day?) spray in Hot Flex Spray on small sections of hair and you can go from first day straight to second day sassy girl waves. User note: If you see steam rising while using your hot tools with this spray, don't worry! That's the product doing work for you!  

Volumizing Spray is this girl's best friend. No joke.  The first time I encountered this stuff I was grossed out. It's a gel spray? Ew. It's not 1993 anymore, and why would anyone wanna put that in their hair? Hear me out. The thickness of this product is what helps you get the extra lift you've always dreamed of. I'm not kidding. There's two different ways I recommend using this product. If you have long hair, like mine, you want to section your hair in one inch sections and spray it ONLY at your base. If you try spraying this all over, you're gonna have too much gel in your hair and a look that only Pat Benetar would love, not to mention the fact that you'll never be able to get your fingers through it. Now, if you're one of those gals that can rock a bob or anything shorter, spray your little heart out! This product was made for us fine haired girls! The best thing you can do with this is just make sure its worked in. Its comes in spray form so we don't get globs all over the place, but make sure you're working it around so its as evenly spread out as you can get it. Always use a brush or your fingers when blow drying to ensure that you don't get crispy or crunchy. Even better, run your hands through your hair while blow drying upside down... stand up, and... BAM! 

Playable Texture is a little newer on the scene, this stuff does the coolest thing I've ever heard of a product doing. So say you're like me and have long hair. Some days you wanna style it straight, some days you wanna do some beach waves and some days you have dirty hair and you think your 'just woke up like this' look could work, but just needs a little help. Playable Texture builds on itself. If your straight fine hair is limp, hold your can out maybe 5-7 inches away from your head and spray into those layers. You can do just a little to kind of accent the texture of your awesome cut, or you can add a little more to give you a slightly messy look. Same goes for your curls. So this is what I mean it builds on itself. Once Playable Texture is sprayed into your hair, the next round of molecules grab to the first ones and so on and so forth. That means this will PUMP YOU UP! It's like a collagen injection for your hair that washes out every day. Now, for your sexy bed head look, you can play this up as much as you want. You can't go wrong with layering this stuff and the best part is, it won't dry your hair out! Also, if you're like me, after you've already styled and ready to walk out the door, always head back for one more round of spray. Eh...overdoing it can't hurt sometimes. 

I hope these suggestions help out your fine hair, they sure help out mine!

  Stay tuned for my next installment, talking VOLUME with Goldwell products!