Tiny Baby Class - Peels October 10 2014, 0 Comments

With the arrival of our new apprentice, Bryony, we have instituted TBCs at Urbaca, (almost) daily mini lessons about all things salon, spa and soul.  

Today's TBC: Exfoliants!

As you may know, it’s peel season! Sherry’s doing 3 peels for $135--a steal of a deal!

To scared to go pro with your peel and wanna D.I.Y.?  Only if you promise to USE SUNSCREEN with these products!!!  Pinky swear?

Okay, try one of these:

Rose City Mask: 12% glycolic mask for normal, dry, oily & acneic. Good for reducing appearance of undereye fine lines & wrinkles.



Vanish Serum: Spot treatment with salicylic acid (from willowbark) & tartaric acid (from grapes). For ingrown hairs head to toe!  Normal, oily, acneic & sensitive. Good around the eyes, especially if you get milia (stubborn white bumps) or solar comedones (sun damaged blackheads).  Ow. Owie. Ow.

C+AHA Serum with 15% vitamin C (antioxidant) & 10% alpha hydroxy acids. Exfoliates & protects. For normal, oily, hyperpigmented (dark spots).  PS. Can sting a little!  Not for sensitive skin types!!


Retexturing Activator with synthetic urea exfoliates and hydrates. All skin types, good for around the eyes.