How Do You RELAX In FULL? Comment to *WIN*! June 25 2014, 0 Comments

One of our salon mentors is KMS California's Global Programs Manager Alan Earnshaw.  He stops in to see us every time he's in Portland and imparts us with wisdom from throughout the land.  

Part of KMS California's philosophy is the essential importance of 10 minutes at the shower bowl.  Nearly everyone's favorite part of salon service is shampoo, conditioning and massaging the hair and head.  

One of the first things our apprentices learn here at Urbaca is how to give an amazing shampoo experience.  Everyone has a slightly different technique, Gretchen and Tonya have more finger work while Caitlyn and John use pressure and points.  Despite each stylist's variations, each has a dance, a responsive dance--with your head.

Yeah, a little weird.  Have you tried it?

It works the same way during facials!  Chakra energy balancing is all about relaxation, not only administering but teaching you simple techniques to relax yourself 365 days a year.  : )

How do You relax in full?

Have you had a shampoo/blow dry style or facial at Urbaca? Describe your experience in one word as a comment on this blog or our Facebook Post and you'll be entered to win one of each. Drawing 7.25.14 PS. This round you can enter as many times as you like! Good luck!